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“Our Agenda” is an online resource developed by the GMSH network that responds to the complexity of factors that include the emotional and physical well-being of gay* men. It also aims to address the impact that homophobia has on us as individuals and communities.

“Our Agenda” is also sexual health campaign responding to research that shows that multiple epidemics (such as depression, substance use, partner violence and HIV) are playing out in our communities and also reinforce each other. Together these epidemics lower our overall health. This campaign recognizes that gay men’s lives are complex and there are a lot of pressures in our daily experience(s). Our sexuality is important to us. It is woven through many aspects of our lives and experiences. This campaign looks at gay men holistically, allows us to have a conversation about how our emotional health and sexual health are connected and build on our strengths to better support one another.

Our agenda is to have a conversation about the things that are impacting us as gay men. Our agenda is to have a conversation that includes many voices and perspectives. Our agenda is to have conversations about the sex we want and provide resources to help us make informed decisions. Our agenda is to have a conversation about how we strengthen ourselves and our communities to respond to the social issues that impact our ability to enjoy equitable, empowered health.

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