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If you are looking for support as a result of an emergency, please call 911 immediately.

If you are in distress (extreme anxiety, sorrow, and pain), call a Distress Centre or phone line nearest you:

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If you are HIV negative and think you've come in contact with HIV in the last 72 hours…

  • PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) is a prescription of HIV medications that are taken over 30 days for the purpose of preventing HIV infection
  • You'd be eligible if = the condom broke or failed, you had condomless sex with someone who is HIV positive or status unknown, and/or had a needle stick injury
  • The sooner you take PEP, the better – 72 hours is the (maximum) window period
  • Medications must be taken as prescribed and side effects may occur
  • PEP is not 100% guaranteed
  • PEP is neither free nor cheap – a prescription can cost anywhere from $900-$1300 month. Some insurance plans will cover this, otherwise you'll need to pay out-of-pocket
  • If you cannot afford, you can always try asking them for 'free-of-charge' or a 3 day starter pack, giving you time to follow up on cost
  • If you are in Toronto, we suggest visiting St. Michael’s Hospital for screening and treatment (30 Bond Street – 416-360-4000)
  • If you are in Ottawa, we suggest visiting Gay Zone Gai for screening and     treatment:  http://www.aco-cso.ca/gayzonegaie/about.html (420 Cooper     Street at Bank Street – 613-580-2610)
  • You can contact your local AIDS service organization for help: www.hiv411.ca
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If you are interested in getting an HIV or STI test and want to know more about when to test, symptoms and types of testing available, visit:


If you want to know where to get tested in an Ontario town nearest you, call your local AIDS Service Organization via:


If you are an LGBTQ youth looking to speak with someone for support, etc. please call: 1-800-268-9688 or visit:

Get Support

If you are HIV positive and looking for support visit: www.hiv411.ca


If you are HIV positive and looking for support with disclosure and/or criminalization, either contact a local ASO or visit:


The AIDS and Sexual Health Info-Line is a free, province-wide anonymous counselling service on HIV, STIs, safer sex, referrals to sexual health services, testing information, harm reduction in drug use and needle exchange information. Call 416-392-2437 / 1-800-668-2437 (English and multilingual Line) or 1-800-267-7432 (French Line).

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