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Opportunities and Challenges of HIV Self-Testing for GBTQ2+ Men in Ontario: Perspectives from HIV/AIDS Service Providers
September 2020

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"One Of These Things Aint Like The Other: Exploring the HIV prevention needs of Young Adult Black Same Gender Loving Men" follows a community-led project, commissioned by the GMSH to bring together young Black SGL men to better understand and respond to their sexual health promotion needs and interests.   

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The Sex You Want - Campaign Toolkit (EN)- this document includes a lot of relevant information about the campaign including: key messages, campaign scope, ideas on how to promote, a press release, common Q&A & more!

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Thomas Dashwood and Darrell Tan recently published a research paper titled PrEParing for the unexpected: mechanisms and management of pre-exposure prophylaxis failure. The article outlines the potential mechanisms of PrEP failure, how to manage patients who experience PrEP failure, and offers insight on the future of PrEP as a key tool in preventing HIV.

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The GMSH are excited to announce that we have released our position statement on Undetectable=Untransmittable (U=U) - copies are available in English and French. This is just another step in our goal to champion the message that, if you have an undetectable viral load, you cannot transmit the virus to your sexual partners! The GMSH has released several resources related to this including:

- Our section on undetectable viral load on The Sex You Want website (which includes a video on what it means to be undetectable and a page on U=U)

- Our HIV treatment page includes a video that highlights where to get treatment, how to get coverage, and how medications can make you feel. 

- U=U stickers and postcards distributed across the province. If you'd like to order some, contact Christopher Mallais.  

Read our position statement.

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"Raising the Bar" - GMSH Strategic Plan (2017-2022)


The Power of Undetectable: What you need to know about HIV treatment as prevention (CATIE, 2018)

This illustrated booklet explains how taking HIV medications and maintaining an undetectable viral load can prevent HIV transmission. Plain language information, for people living with HIV and their service providers, on the prevention benefits of HIV treatment:

• Safer sex
• Having healthy babies
• Safer drug use

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8 Questions about PrEP for Guys (CATIE, 2018)

This client brochure provides basic information about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM).

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Canadian Guidelines on HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and nonoccupational Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (CMAJ, 2017)

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PrEP PICME - In an effort to improve PrEP access, St. Michael's Hospital is offering training for physicians on prescribing PrEP.  Through Patient-Initiated Continuing Medical Education (PICME), patients who are interested in getting PrEP can complete the questionnaire, get the code, and take it to their physician or nurse practitioner so they can receive training. 

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Report: The Role of HIV Positive Gay & Bisexual men in contributing to Holistic Wellness: Preventing Ill Health, Protecting and Promoting Quality of Life.

In response to the many changes which impact HIV prevention and care as well as the overall health of gay men, the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) in May 2016, set out to conduct a review of current “POZ Prevention” considerations and approaches, both in Canada and from other parts of the world, with a view to update the framework developed by its Poz Prevention Working Group (PPWG) in 2008.

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The Back Pocket Guide from transmen and the men who dig them. Revised and relaunched November 2015!

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Updated statements from CATIE on various HIV prevention tools including condoms & PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) 

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Oral pre-exposure prophylaxis–questions and answers

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New HIV diagnosis in Ontario to 2014

Mark Gilbert, MD- Applied Epidemiology Unity, Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN)

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What people want from sex and PrEP (2015)

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Presented during the Fall (September) 2015 alliance meeting- this planning tool will assist you in implementing GMSH network developed resources intro your work with gay men locally.

Resource/Project Implementation Planner

HIV Disclosure: a legal guide for gay men in Ontario (2013)


HIV Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) in Canada: action plan 2015-2020

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Indigenous People & HIV in Ontario- An Overview (2015)

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Pozitively Healthy: a gay man’s guide to sex and health in Canada (2009)


Poz Prevention: knowledge and practice guidance for service providers (2009)


'Bathhouse Night' Event resource manual by ACAS (2009)

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Using evidence to inform program development

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Tools for Program Planning and Delivery


Intersectionality in HIV and Other Health Related Research (OHTN rapid response) 

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Intersectionality 101:

"The aim of this primer is to provide a clear-language guide to intersectionality; we explore its key elements and characteristics, how it is distinct from other approaches to equity, and how it can be applied in research, policy, practice and teaching. Most importantly, the primer aims to show how intersectionality can fundamentally alter how social problems are experienced, identified and grasped to include the breadth of lived experiences."

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PHAC: Awareness Campaign Materials – Resource Guide

In collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), marketing communications agency Banfield has developed this Resource Guide for community organizations working to address sexually transmitted and blood borne infections. It is intended to equip community organizations with tools that will be helpful in the development and evaluation of awareness materials.

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