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The work of the GMSH is driven by our Strategic Plans (2012-2016) and by all of our working groups. Most of the work led by each working group is task-oriented and collaborative, with a set of goals and objectives. Our working groups (each supported by the GMSH office) are often struck when needed by the network. Over the years, our working groups have helped us build campaigns, KTE events and resources. Each working group is established with a unique Terms of Reference that aligns itself with GMSH principles and Strategic Plans.

Here is more information on each of our working groups and how to get engaged:


The Alliance

(our formative group) meets quarterly and is facilitated by David Hoe

The Alliance is made up of representatives from each of the ASOs in Ontario as well as public health, researchers and policy makers. This core group (a community of practice) of the GMSH meets every quarter and helps to shape annual programming.

For information on the Alliance network group, please contact: Dane Griffithgs (GMSH Acting Director) (dgriffiths@gmsh.ca) or 416-364-4555 x 315


The Poz Prevention Working Group

Goal: to improve the overall sexual health and well-being of gay/bi/MSM by specifically using the lived experience of HIV positive gay, bisexual and other MSM to strategically respond to opportunities and needs such as access to relevant information, resources and supports. The working group views sexual health broadly, as is described within Re-invigorating HIV Prevention for Ontario Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Framework for Ontario’s Gay Men's HIV Prevention Strategy (2009). This includes recognition that sexual health work requires addressing social and systemic impacts and a broad understanding of the social determinants of health.

For more information please contact: Murray Jose-Boerbridge, Co-Chair (mjose@pwatoronto.org) or Andre Ceranto, Co-Chair (aceranto@fifehouse.org)

More information including our orientation fact sheet coming soon!


The Gay, Bi, Queer Trans Men Working Group

More information including our orientation fact sheet coming soon!

For more information please contact: Joel Xavier and Noah Adams by email at gbqtm@googlegroups.com 

You can also check out: www.queertransmen.org

 QTM Factsheet

The Rural Suburban Working Group

Goal: this group brings together members of the GMSH from across Ontario that reside and work in smaller and mid-sized urban environment with rural catchments as mandated by their agencies respective missions, visions and values. The working group will meet throughout the year to strategize, share information and resources, support one another and work to enhance a collaborative, engaging response to working with gay, bisexual, trans, 2 Spirit and Queer men in areas that fall outside of major urban centres and bring about unique challenges and opportunities.

For more information contact: Dan Gallant, co-chair DGallant@gmsh.ca 

RSWG Factsheet


The KTE (knowledge-transfer-exchange) Advisory Committee

The goal of this advisory is to convene GMSH members and partners with a common interest in knowledge-transfer-exchange, research and planning to provide guidance, support and feedback to guide specific tasks and projects that are established in our annual program plan.

For more information please contact Dane Griffiths (dgriffiths@gmsh.ca)


The Alliance of Aboriginal and Racialized Men of Ontario Region (AARMOR)

More information including our orientation fact sheet coming soon!

For more information contact: Victor LeFort, Co-Chair (gmsh@acckwa.com

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