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In 2010 the Gay Men's Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) moved from being an advisory body to the AIDS Bureau, Ministry of Health & Long-term Care to a self-generated Alliance housed within the Ontario AIDS Network. With continued funding the GMSH has continued to evolve and is now recognized as a community-led provincial hub of learning, capacity building, and resource/campaign development for gay men’s HIV prevention, sexual health, and overall health and well-being. This has led to the engagement of the GMSH network to create greater community ownership, leadership, and involvement in strategic planning. The GMSH continues to build toward an Alliance of gay men’s programs collaborating in our work of creating consistent, evidence-based, and skilled responses to gay men’s health needs throughout the province.

The GMSH now also represents one of the Priority Population Networks designated by the AIDS Bureau (along with the Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative and the African Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario) as a strategy to achieve the goals in the provincial HIV/AIDS strategy to 2026. The GMSH continues to receive leadership support from the AIDS Bureau in this capacity.

GMSH is housed at the Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) and maintains a small staff. The GMSH convenes the Alliance – comprising frontline outreach workers from Ontario ASOs several times a year.

Our work is guided by our current strategic plan- "Raising the Bar"

Who makes up the GMSH?

In Ontario, there are HIV prevention workers situated in AIDS service organizations (ASOs) whose mandate is to provide programs to assist 2 Spirit, gay, bisexual, queer, and other transgender and cisgender men who have sex with men (2SGBMSM) to avoid the transmission of HIV and maintain their overall sexual health. They also work to improve the sexual and overall health of HIV-positive men. Some of these workers are funded by the City of Toronto, some by the Public Health Agency of Canada AIDS Community Action Plan and some by the AIDS Bureau, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

These workers come together as a network and develop sexual health resources to meet the needs of gay and bi men. Network members participate in our working groups, our research, our knowledge, transfer, and exchange (KTE) activities like webinars and our annual Skills Building Symposium. These members are leaders in developing policies, resources, and strategic directions that will assist frontline sexual health services to better assist 2SGBMSM.

Members of our network are comprised mostly of gay men working in various aspects of our HIV/sexual health response. Other allies who assist us with our work and make up our network include public health units (particularly Toronto and Ottawa), sexual health clinics, HIV outpatient clinics, and other health and social services. In this way, these service providers can inform the work of the GMSH, assisting us in making work relevant and informed by expertise and evidence.

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