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GMSH Statement | World AIDS Day 2020

Today marks the 32nd World AIDS Day, and we take this moment to acknowledge that we have a global responsibility to end HIV, and a shared responsibility to care for everyone in our communities in the best way we can. 

The work of the HIV sector is built on an exceptionally dedicated, talented, and caring communityThis year, we’re highlighting a few voices from our own Alliance—people who work day in and day out to make life better for GBTQ2S+ men across the province. We are very happy to share their words and their portraits—designed by members of our community.  

Throughout the years, we—people living with HIV, lovers, friends, family, care providers, and researchers—have found amazing courage in our shared struggle. From the early days of AIDS Action Now to the food banks, clinical services, and hospice care, none of this would have been possible without this courage to make noise and disrupt business-as-usual in the face of an epidemicto show up for our friends, lovers, and complete strangers and make sure they had the care they deserved; to refuse to be ashamed for who we love or who we have sex with. 

We have made it this far by working together.  

In the last 40 years, prevention and treatment have come a long way. More gay men are on PrEP and are getting tested for HIV, and the number of new cases is the lowest it has been since 1986. More people understand that undetectable equals untransmittable. We have made it possible for HIV to be a manageable condition. We have built a solid network of agencies that provide education, service, and care. 

In spite of these advancements, we can’t let up yet. It’s time to take it to the finish line and make sure everyone has access to the treatment and care they need—regardless of sero-status, income level, gender identity, race or ethnicity, ability, or geography 

LGBTQ2S+ folks have carried this movement and we have so much to be proud of. Today, let’s recommit to fighting for each and every one of us to live with dignity and have the care we deserve. 





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