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Hiring Queer Trans Bi Trans Men’s and Transmasculine Working Group Members


The Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) is looking for advisory/working group members across Ontario for redevelopment of Primed 2.0 and QueerTransmen.org, sexual health resources for Gay, Bi, Queer Transmen.

Role of the Primed working group is to help engage diverse communities of gay, bi, queer trans men and transmasculine folks (ex. poz, rural, racialized, etc.), and provide constructive, critical input and consistent feedback into the development of two gay, bi, queer trans men’s sexual health resources throughout the 6-month project period to ensure relevant, high quality products and processes.

Members will provide thoughtful, expert advice in the review and revamp of a sexual health print and online resource/website via in person or online meetings.


Primed and Queertransmen.org (QTM.org) are sexual health resources for trans men into men developed first in 2007 by the Gay Bi and Queer Transmen’s Working Group. They were later updated to Primed 2.0 in 2015 in partnership with the GMSH (Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance).

Since 2015, a lot has changed in sexual health information such as U=U, PrEP/PEP accessibility, and definitions/understandings of trans identities and health.

GMSH’s goal is to update the information and content of both the Primed print resource and the QTM.org website to meet the sexual needs of gay, bi, queer & nb trans men/transmasculine individuals across Ontario, and match the current developments in the sexual health/HIV landscape.

Through this project GMSH hopes to build community relationships, gain a better understanding of current needs and interests, and continue to build capacity among Alliance member organizations to support trans men and trans masculine individuals’ sexual health.

The goals of the project:

Goal 1: Update and redesign the printed Primed resource and QueerTransmen.org website

Goal 2: Determine distribution, sustainability, and ongoing leadership of trans men in the maintenance/updating of the resources;

Goal 3: Deepen the understanding of the GMSH’s continuing role in addressing the sexual health needs and interests of gay, bi, queer trans men related to our mandate and operations


Time period: 6-month project, July 2019- December 2019


Roles and Responsibilities of the Working Group members:

  • Attend approximately 6 advisory meetings in person, or via skype, or zoom during the 6-month period between July 2019 - end of December 2019
  • Contribute and advise in content development and distribution of Primed Resource & QTM.org website
  • Respond promptly via e-mail to review project progress and provide documented feedback
  • Help with recruitment and engaging of queer trans men in community (rural, suburban, racialized, HIV positive, people who use drugs, etc) via organizations, focus groups, and networks
  • Identify content gaps, provide expertise, and help troubleshoot problems
  • Help identify opportunities and distribution for the resources to get to organizations, health care professionals, and community members that need them.
  • Assist in the planning, and potentially facilitation of, community consultations
  • Provide any additional support in development, translation, & community outreach

Skills and Qualifications:

Skill-set (Preferred but not necessary)

  • Group facilitation
  • Community work
  • Knowledge of sexual health/trans health
  • Media expertise in website, podcasts, videos, etc.
  • Connections to other community organizations or members
  • Understanding of AR/AO framework

All welcome to apply. However, we are seeking to ensure representation from trans and non-binary folks from the following communities:

  • Poz
  • Senior (55+ years of age)
  • Black
  • Racialized
  • Indigenous  
  • Non-binary   
  • Sex-worker  
  • Francophone
  • Non-English speaking
  • Currently reside in Northern Ontario
  • Currently residing in Suburban/Rural communities
  • Lived experience/involved in communities who had undergone bottom surgery
  • Lived experience/involved in communities with substance use
  • Lived experience/involved in communities with disabilities
  • Lived experience/involved in communities with incarceration


Compensation of $ 30.00/per hour with minimum 3 hours/month and max of 5 hours/month for 6 months.

***Please note this is an independent contract position.

Reporting Structure:

Working members would directly report to Project Manager, Robbie Ahmed


To Apply: Please complete google doc: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1urmQekU0uK616O4Uh8fer_q4cXHzFR10s7dpyJf6Pnk/edit 


Who We Are:

The Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) is an Ontario network made up of frontline workers, researchers, public health, policy makers and community members. Our work aims to respond to the sexual health needs of Ontario’s diverse communities of 2 Spirit, gay, bisexual, queer and other cisgender and transgender men who have sex with men (GBMSM) and includes the development of resources and production of campaigns. We aim to reduce the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among GBMSM. We also seek to improve the overall health and well-being of GBMSM in Ontario, which includes both HIV-positive and HIV negative men. Our work aspires to effectively assist those working with GBMSM in maximizing their efforts to ensure that the GBMSM in our communities enjoy healthy, full sexual and emotional lives.

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