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Response to the Australian Coalition for Marriage

For Immediate Release -

October 20 2017

Toronto, Ontario - One of the reasons we created The Sex You Want was to combat sex negativity and homophobia that has long been a barrier for guys to access sexual healthcare. It celebrates identity, sex and the opportunity we have to drastically reduce incidence of HIV and other STIs and support people living with HIV to live long healthy lives. The materials we have created were developed by an incredibly diverse and resilient group of cis and trans gay, bi, queer guys. People who care deeply about the health of our communities. The organizations we work with have mobilized behind the message that in 2017 regardless of our HIV status we can have the sex we want. We are proud of what we have accomplished.

We are troubled to see that anti-Marriage Equality Organizations are using our resources to fuel homophobic hate and discrimination. We have received countless messages of hate including threats of violence. These are the same messages children and youth hear on the schoolyard and too often in their homes. Messages that extinguish hope, dreams, self-worth and rob us of our humanity.  It is indicative of the work needed to advance equality and the rights of all marginalized people.

We proudly stand in solidarity with the advocates, activists and allies in Australia who are supporting marriage equality.








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