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Welcome to GMSH 2021: Queer Sex After HIV

HIV has changed dramatically over the last nearly two decades. GMSH 2021: Queer Sex After HIV asks what’s to come for queer sex; HIV prevention, treatment, and care; and sexual health for the communities we serve. 

With advancements in HIV treatment and prevention—the availability of PrEP and PEP, the confirmation that undetectable=untransmittable, the approval of HIV self-testing in Canada, and new research on an HIV vaccine and semi-annual HIV treatment injections—the sexual health landscape for 2SGBTQ+ men is shifting. On top of this, technological changes have radically re-shaped how queer men are finding each other and meeting for sex. 

Combined, these changes have challenged front-line services and pushed new and exciting innovations in clinical and community care.   

This year’s conference will focus on highlighting the newest research and developments in sexual health for 2SGBTQ+ men, and we’ll dive into what this means for front-line healthcare service providers and clinical care. Alongside the usual presentation formats, we’ll also have space for open discussions,  networking sessions, and art performances.  

The conference will run from Monday, October 18 through to Wednesday, November 10. Due to COVID-19 in person gathering restrictions all of the sessions will take place online in our virtual space. Sessions are structured to take no more than a few hours several times each week. Yes, we’ve all become used to virtual meetings, but no one likes being in a zoom meeting all day. 

Registration for the conference is open: 


As always, registration is free of charge for GMSH Alliance members, Alliance organizations staff including Executive Directors and Ontario HIV sector stakeholders.   

If you are a service provider less directly connected to us, we invite you to make a charitable donation to our trustee, the Ontario AIDS Network. All registration costs are considered as a charitable donation to the Ontario AIDS Network and you will receive a tax credit as appropriate.

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Date Time (Eastern) Session Topic
 OCTOBER 18 - 22   
Mon., Oct. 18 10:30 to 12:00  Opening Keynote
Wed., Oct. 20 10:30 to 12:00  Research perspectives of HIV self-testing
Wed., Oct. 20   1:00 to   2:00  Community discussions on HIV self-testing implementation
  Fri., Oct. 22 11:00 to 12:00  Introducing HQ - Toronto's home for queer men's health
  Fri., Oct. 22   1:00 to   3:00  Epidemiology 101 & Current epidemiology of HIV for 2SGBTQ+ men in Ontario
OCTOBER 25 - 29  
Mon., Oct. 25   1:00 to   2:30  gbMSM Policy in Canada
Wed., Oct. 27 10:30 to 12:00 Plenary Session
Wed., Oct. 27   1:00 to   2:00   Research Updates on PrEP Implementation in Ontario
Wed., Oct. 27   2:00 to   3:00    Community Updates on PrEP Implementation
  Fri., Oct. 29 10:30 to 11:30 Reflections of 40 years of HIV treatment, advocacy and activism
  Fri., Oct. 29   1:00 to   2:00 The latest in ARV treatments
  Fri., Oct. 29   2:00 to   3:00    Next frontier of HIV activism
NOVEMBER 1 - 5  
Mon., Nov.  1 11:00 to 12:00 Findings from the Trans Interweaving Project
Wed., Nov.  3 10:30 to 12:00  Plenary Session
Wed., Nov.  3   1:00 to   2:30   FACING Home: A Konversation on Queerness and the Arts 
  Fri., Nov.  5 11:00 to 12:00 COVID-19 vaccines, antibodies, and people living with HIV 
  Fri., Nov.  5   1:15 to   2:15 Mental Health: Same Labels, Different Determinants 
NOVEMBER 8 - 12  
Mon., Nov.  8 11:00 to 12:00  Building resilience through the practice of mindfulness
Mon., Nov.  8   1:00 to   2:00 Indigenous holistic practice
Wed., Nov. 10   10:30 to   1:00 Closing Keynote