Please follow this link to access the webinar recording: https://meet36485260.adobeconnect.com/p1vqsrx0day/

"What's (BODY) LOVE got to do with it? Understanding body image in the context of gay men's health & wellness" Gay and Bisexual men often live and work in the context of a community where there are powerful norms regarding body image. What is an acceptable body type is often associated with social and sexual capital. Muscular? Lean? Tall? Short? Hairy? Scruffy? Hairless? Young? Six pack abs? How one feels about one’s body has implications for a host of health outcomes including mental health, physical health, and sexual health. This presentation will talk about the role of body image in gay men’s health and review the literature in this area. In addition, specifics will be paid to men of colour, men living with HIV and the role of porn in relation to body image. There will be discussion about the ways in which HIV providers can consider how to address body image issues for the gay men they work with. Part of the Our Agenda campaign (www.ouragenda.ca or www.notreagenda.ca) Presented by David Brennan (OHTN, U of T)


Please follow this link to access the webinar recording: https://meet36485260.adobeconnect.com/p8690njf5t7/

Webinar description: Gay men have been re-defining social norms for as long as their identity's and relationships have been considered outside cultural acceptance. Today, in most parts of Western society gay men experience a general tolerance for their relationships, particularly those that are most heteronormative. What are the implications however for gay men who choose to structure their relationships outside of heteronormativty, such as non-monogamous relationships? Does monogamy work in gay male relationships? If so, how? This webinar will examine these questions and critically look at the construct of monogamy, it's history, it's function and it's role in the lives of gay men today, as well as the implications for service providers working with this population.

Our Agenda webinar recording link for: Mental Health in Gay and Bisexual Men

Please follow this link to access the webinar recording:https://meet36485260.adobeconnect.com/p6wiu0sy0zy/

Webinar description: Dr. Trevor Hart presents What: "Mental Health in Gay and Bisexual Men" Trevor will discuss societal problems like homophobia that can lead to problems with mental health, such as depression, anxiety, and problems with substance use. He will also discuss how gay and bisexual men have fought against the effects of homophobia, and how gay and bisexual men have created our community to promote positive mental health and well-being. Lastly he will discuss strategies for how each of us as individual gay men can promote good mental health and well-being. 

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